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Welcome to organised social pickleball in Wanneroo!

We can't wait to have you join us! Important information is outlined for you below, including instructions on how to book your spot and our cancellation policy. Click on a heading to jump to that section.

Why are bookings required?
Bookings are required to ensure that nobody has to risk injury by sitting off and waiting around for a spot on court to become available. There are 31 spots available at our outdoor sessions, and 15 spots available at our indoor sessions.

Who will I play with?
Each organised social session starts with a 15-minute warm-up, followed by five 15-minute rounds of carefully organised match-ups that are skill-based play, where you will play with and against a variety of players of a similar skill level, organised by us. If you’ve listed someone as your friend on your registration form and they’ve also booked a spot, we will make sure you play some games together.  We start making the match-ups one hour before the session starts, so if within that hour something comes up and you can’t attend a session you’ve booked a spot for, please sms Jayne on 0417 950 474 ASAP so she knows to redo the match-ups with you removed. You will be expected to pay for that session since the cut-off would’ve passed for someone on the waiting list to be allocated the spot you had taken.

What if it’s raining?
If our outdoor courts are too wet to play on, causing us to cancel a session in advance, everyone who has booked a spot will be notified by email of the cancellation. Please book a spot for the next session if you’d like to play. If the weather is questionable, we will always still aim to play, even if we only get part of a session in, because let's face it, some pickleball is better than none! We will keep players updated with how the weather is looking via posts on our Facebook page and in the "Chat" feature on Stack Team App. If you've booked a spot and we haven't cancelled the session in advance, we will still be including you in the match-ups, so if you don’t want to play, please cancel your booking by 6pm so that someone on the waiting list can be allocated your spot. 

Helpful videos for beginners
If you are new to pickleball or haven't learned how to score yet, don't worry as our coaches who run the sessions, Kyle and Wade, will be able to answer any questions you have. Here are two short videos to help you get an idea of the basic rules of pickleball ahead of your first session:

Pickleball Rules
Pickleball Scoring

You might also like to watch some professional pickleball players in action so you can get a good understanding of the "non-volley zone" (also known as the "kitchen"):
Women's Doubles:
Men's Doubles:

Equipment is provided and available for purchase - you can "try-before-you-buy"
We only use USA Pickleball Approved top-of-the-range equipment at our sessions to ensure that our players have the best experience as possible. You don't need your own paddle as we provide paddles for you to use at our social sessions. And when you are ready to take your game to the next level and purchase a good quality paddle of your own, we sell the largest range of paddles in Australia with an extremely useful "try-before-you-buy" demo paddle service to ensure you choose the perfect paddle to buy. We also sell balls, nets, player shirts and any other pickleball gear that you need - just take a look at our shop!

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We make announcements on our Facebook page and post videos of all the fun we have to encourage more people to give our awesome sport a go!
Facebook: Pickleball West

Now you're ready to book your spot using the account we created for you on Stack Team App.

You can either download the free app to your phone:

Or you can use the website:

Please note, our app is free because it contains ads. Avoid mistaking an ad for our app by following the step by step instructions below.

How to login:

  • Click on “Log In or Sign Up”.

  • Click on “Continue with Email” and follow the prompts to login to the account we created for you which will start with creating your own password.

  • You will be required to press a Verify button that gets emailed to you.

  • Once you’ve done that, return to Stack Team App and login.  

How to book your spot:
Go to "Sessions", choose the session, then "Schedule", then click the event to RSVP if you want to play or if you need to cancel - sessions must be booked/cancelled by 6pm. DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS ARE BELOW.

How to pay:
Indoor sessions are $14pp, outdoor sessions are $9pp. On the night of the session, please transfer to the Pickleball West bank account using internet banking:

Name: Pickleball West
BSB: 086-554

Account number: 91-5611-694

Spots can be booked from 7:30pm the Monday/Thursday prior until 6pm the night of the session.

To book your spot, click on:

  • Sessions

  • then Monday Sessions or Thursday Sessions

  • then Schedule

  • then the current session that will be at the top of the list of sessions

  • then the Yes button.  If your RSVP turns green you have a spot, or if it turns yellow you are on the waiting list (so you are on standby to play if somebody cancels by 6pm).

IMPORTANT: If you’re on the waiting list, you must make sure you refresh the app at 6pm to check if you’ve been moved up to the player list due to a cancellation (your RSVP will change to green if this is the case). If you don’t want to be on standby to play, then cancel your booking on the waiting list. 

How to cancel your booking by 6pm:

  • Click Sessions

  • then Monday Sessions or Thursday Sessions

  • then Schedule

  • then the current session that will be at the top of the list

  • then the No button. Your RSVP will turn red. 

By cancelling your booking before 6pm, the first person on the waiting list will be allocated your spot, so you won’t have to pay. 

How to cancel your booking after 6pm:

Please sms Kyle on 0450 493 776 so he knows to redo the match-ups with you removed. You will be expected to pay for that session since the cut-off would’ve passed for someone on the waiting list to be allocated the spot you had taken.

How to book for 2 people:

Each Stack Team App account can only RSVP for one player - you might like to be logged into one account on the app and one account on a browser to easily book for 2 people without logging in and out of 2 accounts. (Eg on Safari or Chrome, go to Message Jayne on 0417 950 474 if you need a second account created. 

Venue Locations

Wanneroo Showgrounds

21 Ariti Ave, Wanneroo

We have 8 painted pickleball courts on the two tennis courts inside the Wanneroo Showgrounds next to the skate park. There is a carpark off Ariti Ave, or during our evening sessions you can park on the showgrounds grassed area, accessible off Leach Road.

Wanneroo Recreation Centre

275 Scenic Drive, Wanneroo

We have 4 painted pickleball courts indoors at the Wanneroo Rec Centre. Park in the carpark right next to the open door.

Meet the Team


Kyle creates the epic match-ups that make our social sessions so much fun, and helps Wade run the show. Watch out for his killer serve!


Wade is our incredible coach who runs our social sessions and makes playing pickleball truly addictive. He will be waiting to greet you and answer any questions you have. Be sure to ask him about his favourite shot - the "Backhand Erne"!


Jayne handles everything behind-the-scenes, like getting you set up on our app to book your spot and answering any questions you have. Jayne lives in Busselton and runs social pickleball sessions there - so reach out if you're ever holidaying down south!, and selling you your own pickleball paddle when you're ready to take your game to the next level!