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Pickleball in Schools

Why have pickleball at your school?


Students can play on 8 pickleball courts in the space of 2 tennis courts. Check out these awesome games and drills you can play with your students:
Pickleball Games


Students can play on 8 badminton courts - simply lower the nets to 34 inches in the middle of the court. Indoor pickleball is fantastic to escape bad weather:
13-second video of high school students playing pickleball


Teachers have attended our ACHPER conference PDs or in-school PD sessions:
2020 ECU Conference
2021 Murdoch Uni Inclusion Conference
2021 Curtin Uni Conference

Students rally easily in their first session

Have us come to your school for an incursion with your classes - this footage is of students playing pickleball for the very first time.

How can pickleball be set up on school tennis courts?

Simply use tape or paint to mark out the 44ft x 20ft courts - we can help you with this.
A temporary hot shots (tennis) or pickleball net can be set up during play, and then wheeled away or packed up after play.

How can pickleball be set up on school badminton courts?

Simply lower the badminton net to 34 inches in the middle, and you're good to go! 

Can I easily get equipment in an affordable schools package?

We have very affordable school equipment packages available for demo and purchase. You don't need your own equipment for our school incursions as all equipment is provided.

Is there a curriculum and teacher training?

Our registered teachers and certified pickleball coach have developed a school pickleball curriculum suitable for both primary school and high school. We will help you with anything you need, and will will visit you at your school to provide teacher training, demo lessons and school incursions.

What are the rules of pickleball?

Professional Pickleball Players

Watch the pros play and learn tips given to you by certified pickleball instructors.