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School Pickleballs $3.50 - $4.50ea

There are four different types of pickleballs to choose from.

Jugs Pickleballs $3.50ea
Ideal for students who are new to pickleball, Jugs Pickleballs are softer than other pickleballs, so they move and bounce slower, giving students more time to react. They are also the most durable pickleball - the other three types will crack long before the Jugs Pickleball will crack.

Onix Indoor Pickleball $4.50ea
These are the most popular indoor pickleball as they are faster than the Jugs Pickleball, which allows talented students to enjoy faster rallies.

Onix Outdoor Pickleball $4.50ea
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces, Onix Outdoor Pickleballs are more durable and slower than the other outdoor pickleball - the Franklin X-40.

Franklin X-40 Outdoor Pickleball $4.50ea
These are the most popular outdoor pickleball as they are faster than the Onix, allowing for more exciting rallies. They are slightly heavier than the other pickleballs, so they hold up better in windy conditions.

Any of these pickleballs are perfect for schools to use in implementing pickleball into their phys ed curriculum or as a before or after school sport.

We also sell a school class pickleball set, polymer and wooden paddles, and portable free-standing nets.

The school pickleballs come with free lesson plans written by TRB registered teachers to help get your school pickleball program up and running!

We offer free delivery Australia-wide for purchases of pickleballs that are combined with bulk paddle orders.

  • Free Delivery Australia-Wide¬†
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Free Lesson Plans¬†