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$790 for 200 Franklin Balls

3 Ball Types:
Franklin X-40 Outdoor (Optic)
Franklin X-26 Indoor (Blue)
Franklin X-26 Indoor (Lime)

Get 200 of the same ball, or 100 each of two balls.

$325 PickleNet

The best net on the market.

$349 Joola Perseus / Joola Scorpeus

The best paddle on the market.

$80 Franklin Pickleball Net

$120 Hudef HD4.3

$150 ProKennex Ovation Flight

$170 Gamma Compass Long Handle

At 30% off the $250RRP, this ex-demo Gamma Compass LH paddle is ideal if you want to hit a double handed backhand. Your backhand will feel amazing - you won't find a paddle with a longer handle.

$170 Eletrum Pro

At 40% off the $270RRP, this ex-demo Electrum Pro paddle gives you extra spin with the gritty face, and the wide body gives you a larger sweetspot.

$215 Diadem Warrior

At 30% off the $310RRP, this ex-demo Diadem Warrior paddle is the perfect paddle for control, with a 19mm thick core. Only used for two days during a tournament, this is a great buy.

$185 ProKennex Ovation Speed II

$200 Gamma Havoc Lindsey Newman

At 30% off the $280RRP, this ex-demo Gamma Havoc Lindsay Newman paddle is an amazing paddle with extra reach and power.

$190 Selkirk Vanguard Mach6

At 40% off the $315RRP, this ex-demo paddle has had little to no use. The long handle is perfect for a double handed backhand.

$225 Paddletek Tempest Reign Pro

At 10% off the $245RRP, this ex-demo paddle has had little to no use. The Tempest Reign Pro pairs Tempest Smart Response Technology with an elongated paddle face—adding both power and speed. It’s got all the control and performance you expect, plus a higher sweet spot and extended reach for targeted, fiercer hits.

$270 CRBN¹ Carbon Fibre Elongated

At 5% off the $280RRP, this ex-demo paddle has had little to no use. The CRBN¹ produces insane amounts of spin and provides a massive sweet spot with the perfect balance of power and control. The elongated shape allows for great court coverage, and the extra length on the handle allows just enough room for a two-handed backhand drive. The thick core gives a softer feel around the net - ideal for dinking and resets.

$80 Selkirk Maxima Amped

$140 ProKennex Ovation Speed

$140 Franklin Christine McGrath 

$200 Cheetah Predion E10 

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