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You've decided to purchase your own pickleball paddle. Congratulations! But how do you know which one to choose? They all have excellent reviews, but understandably you really don't want to buy one without trying it out first. To help you decide on the perfect paddle, we provide a demo paddle service at no extra cost to you, where we will assist you in finding exactly which paddle will best suit your playing style and injury management needs by allowing you to try out our paddles before you choose which one to buy.
We have the largest pro paddle range in Australia consisting of over 20 paddles that are used by the top pro pickleball players in the US, and we regularly add to this as new paddles are released.
Lightweight paddles are great for easy manoeuvrability, heavy paddles are great for generating easy power, paddles with textured paddle faces are great for hitting with spin, paddles with longer handles are great if you want to hit a double handed backhand, and paddles with longer or wider paddle faces mean that you’re less likely to hit a framer.
The ProKennex paddles are a favourite among our social and tournament players as the kinetic technology means that you don’t get the shock going through your wrist and arm, helping to prevent tennis elbow.
Have a think about those things and let us know what appeals to you most out of them so we know which paddle to start with.
🔸Easy to manoeuvre?
🔸Extra power?
🔸Extra spin?
🔸Longer handle?
🔸Wider paddle face?
🔸Prevent tennis elbow?

The paddles range in price from $110 to $340, and we will order in direct from the US whichever paddle you end up choosing. The reason we order in your chosen paddle is so that we aren't limiting you to only a select few that we may choose to keep in stock. Instead, we give you the choice of all of the current paddles used by the pro pickleball players so that you are able to find a paddle that suits your needs.
To keep costs low, instead of charging a fee to demo the paddles (like what tennis shops do when players demo tennis racquets), we just ask for a $100 deposit which will go towards your paddle purchase. This means that once you choose which paddle to purchase, you will only need to pay a balance of $10 to $240 depending on which paddle you choose.
This paddle deposit ensures that the wear and tear on our demo paddles will result in a sale to help us work towards recouping the $4,000+ it cost us to purchase all of our demo paddles. We are proud to offer this demo service, so thank you for appreciating our commitment to offering everybody the opportunity to demo paddles so they aren’t stuck with buying a paddle without trying it out first.
Please transfer your $100 paddle deposit to the Pickleball West account:

Name: Pickleball West
BSB: 086-554
Account number: 91-5611-694

You can view all of our demo pro paddles here:
Pickleball West Pro Paddle Range

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