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Kings win a Pro Paddle!

To celebrate having 32 spots available on Mondays again, we will be doing a King of the Court competition where the winning team, which is the team who wins the 8th game on the King Court, wins an ex demo pro paddle valued at over $250 each!

This will be held on the first Monday that all 32 spots are taken so that the numbers work for King of the Court.

Court numbers will be pulled out of a hat to determine which court players start from. Wade will start from the bottom court, and you are not allowed to be Wade’s partner more than once.

The top two players on each court are not allowed to be partners for any round. Wade will determine the top two players if anyone is unsure.

The games are first to 11, win by 2. If the game isn’t finished, the team with the most points will be declared the winner. If it’s a draw, one sudden death point will be played to determine the winner. If there is time to start a new game, please do, but only the result of the first game counts.

Winners move up one court in a clockwise direction and split, losers move down one court in an anticlockwise direction and split.

All players will have the opportunity to be the kings of the court regardless of the court they start from as there will be 8 rounds of 12-minute games.

We won’t be walking to our drinks after every game, so if you want you can take your drink bottle to your court and leave it right next to the pickleball net.

Balls: Franklin X-40

Nets: PickleNet


7:00pm - 7:05pm: Warm up

7:05 - 7:10pm Pull court number out of hat and rules explanation

7:10pm Game 1 Starts

7:22pm Game 2 Starts

7:34pm Game 3 Starts

7:46pm Game 4 Starts

7:58pm Game 5 Starts

8:10pm Game 6 Starts

8:22pm Game 7 Starts

8:34pm Game 8 starts until winner is reached - sudden death point at 10 points all. (The King Court must play this round to determine the winner - all other players have the option of playing, or packing up their court and watching the King Court, or packing up their court and leaving if they can't stay.