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Thursday Social Pickleball

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  • We have an app/website called Stack Team App to book your spot to play - simply submit the form below and we will create an account for you on Stack Team App and will send you an SMS when it's ready to go. (The form cannot be submitted until all required questions are answered.)

  • Call or SMS us on 0417 950 474 with any questions!

Name Mobile E-mail Let us know if you have a friend already playing or about to play so we can put you on the same court as them.
Please choose one (so that we know if we need to teach you the rules and to assist with our match-ups):
I’ve never played pickleball before
I’ve never played pickleball before but I have a decent racquet sport background
I already know how to play pickleball - my level is novice
I already know how to play pickleball - my level is intermediate
I already know how to play pickleball - my level is advanced
To assist with our match-ups, please select your age range:
Under 12
12 — 17
18 — 35
36 — 59
Over 60
In case of an emergency, please enter your emergency contact number and any relevant medical conditions. These will be kept confidential, to be used only in an emergency. How did you find out about Thursday Social Pickleball? Is there anything else you'd like to tell or ask us?
Please check the box to acknowledge:
I will bring a bottle of water and will wear running shoes.
Please check the box to acknowledge:
Occasionally photos and videos are taken during the session and shared on social media / the website so that the joy that pickleball brings us all can continue to be shared. I give permission to appear in these photos/videos, or I will request that my face is not in them when they're being taken. I also acknowledge that participation in pickleball playing activities involves potentially vigorous exercise. There is a risk of death, illness and injury inherent in participating in these pickleball playing activities and I accept the whole of that risk. I unconditionally release Pickleball West from any liability, claim or cost of expense arising out of these risks.