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Equipment is provided and available for purchase - you can "try-before-you-buy"
We only use USA Pickleball Approved top-of-the-range equipment at our sessions to ensure that our players have the best experience as possible. You don't need your own paddle as we provide paddles for you to use at our social sessions. And when you are ready to take your game to the next level and purchase a good quality paddle of your own, we sell the largest range of paddles in Australia with an extremely useful "try-before-you-buy" demo paddle service to ensure you choose the perfect paddle to buy. We also sell balls, nets, player shirts and any other pickleball gear that you need - just take a look at our shop!

Helpful videos for beginners
If you are new to pickleball or haven't learned how to score yet, don't worry as our coach who runs the sessions, Wade, will be able to answer any questions you have. Here are two short videos to help you get an idea of the basic rules of pickleball ahead of your first session:

You might also like to watch some professional pickleball players in action so you can get a good understanding of the "non-volley zone" (also known as the "kitchen"):
Women's Doubles:
Men's Doubles:

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