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IMPORTANT: Please remember that, just like purchasing movie tickets, once you've purchased your ticket you are unable to cancel the purchase, so don't purchase your ticket until you are certain you are available to play. If something does come up and you are unable to make it, please sms Jayne on 0417 950 474 at least one hour before the session starts so she knows not to include you in the match-ups. You are also able to sell your ticket in our Facebook messenger group chat if you'd like - let Jayne know by sms of any player changes at least one hour before the session starts.

In the event of wet weather
If our outdoor courts are too wet to play on, causing us to cancel a session in advance, your ticket will automatically become a ticket for the same session the following week, and all ticket holders will be notified via email. Please sms Jayne on 0417 950 474 if the session the following week doesn't suit you so alternative arrangements can be made. If the weather is questionable, we will always still aim to play, even if we only get part of a session in, because let's face it, some pickleball is better than none! We will keep players updated with how the weather is looking via posts on our Facebook page and in the "Chat" feature on Stack Team App. If you've purchased a ticket and we haven't cancelled the session in advance, we will still be including you in the match-ups, so please sms Jayne on 0417 950 474 at least one hour before the session starts if you cannot make it so we know not to include you in the match-ups.

Equipment is provided and available for purchase - you can "try-before-you-buy"
We only use USA Pickleball Approved top-of-the-range equipment at our sessions to ensure that our players have the best experience as possible. You don't need your own paddle as we provide paddles for you to use at our social sessions. And when you are ready to take your game to the next level and purchase a good quality paddle of your own, we sell the largest range of paddles in Australia with an extremely useful "try-before-you-buy" demo paddle service to ensure you choose the perfect paddle to buy. We also sell balls, nets, player shirts and any other pickleball gear that you need - just take a look at our shop!

Helpful videos for beginners
If you are new to pickleball or haven't learned how to score yet, don't worry as our coach who runs the sessions, Wade, will be able to answer any questions you have. Here are two short videos to help you get an idea of the basic rules of pickleball ahead of your first session:

You might also like to watch some professional pickleball players in action so you can get a good understanding of the "non-volley zone" (also known as the "kitchen"):
Women's Doubles:
Men's Doubles:

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We make announcements on our Facebook page and post videos of all the fun we have to encourage more people to give our awesome sport a go!
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Venue Locations

Wanneroo Showgrounds

21 Ariti Ave, Wanneroo

We have 8 painted pickleball courts on the two tennis courts inside the Wanneroo Showgrounds next to the skate park. There is a carpark off Ariti Ave, or during our evening sessions you can park on the showgrounds grassed area, accessible off Leach Road.

Wanneroo Recreation Centre

275 Scenic Drive, Wanneroo

We have 4 painted pickleball courts indoors at the Wanneroo Rec Centre. Park in the carpark right next to the open door.