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Register for Thursday Night Leagues

All matches will consist of 3 games first to 11, and will have a start time of 7:30pm and an approximate finish time of 8:15pm on Thursday nights indoors in Wanneroo. The season will run for 10 weeks from July 29th to September 30th at a cost of $10 per player per round ($100 payment to be made at the start of the season). Each player is responsible for finding their own fill-in player if they are unavailable. Please enter your details below if you'd like to play and we will be in touch with further details.
Name Mobile E-mail Where do you usually play pickleball?
Depending on interest, the divisions will be split by skill level or by gender or by both. Please check ONE box to indicate your preference:
I only want to play gender doubles (eg. 2 females vs 2 females)
I only want to play mixed doubles (eg. 1 male + 1 female vs 1 male + 1 female)
I'm happy to play open pairing - skill matters more than gender - (eg. 2 males vs 1 male + 1 female)
Gender Preferred Division Would you prefer to play with the same doubles partner or a different doubles partner every week? If you do want to play with the same partner every week, what is their name?
Would you prefer to just be a fill-in player or can you commit to the whole 10-week season? Check ONE box:
I can’t commit to every week so I just want to be a fill-in player. Please pass on my number to the teams so they can contact me if they need a fill-in.
I want to play every week so I will commit to the whole 10-week season and will find my own fill-in if I can’t attend.
Please check the box to acknowledge:
I acknowledge that Pickleball West might take photos/videos of me which might be used on their website, social media sites and promotional material. I also acknowledge that participation in pickleball playing activities involves potentially vigorous exercise. There is a risk of death, illness and injury inherent in participating in these pickleball playing activities and I accept the whole of that risk. I unconditionally release Pickleball West from any liability, claim or cost of expense arising out of these risks.