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Hot Glove Mitt $30

Cold fingers during early morning or evening pickleball games? Tired of fighting off numbness after an hour of playing? The Hot Glove Mitt can solve this problem! This ingenious product fits around your hand and paddle handle without impeding your play. While gloves are usually the go-to solution, the slippery material makes it difficult to keep a good hold on your paddle. This product gives you the ability to hold the handle in your bare hand without having to struggle with icy fingers.

The Hot Glove Mitt is made of 100% breathable fleece in a pure black colour. White fleece lines the inside of this product. One size fits all hands thanks to the elastic wrist band which stretches to fit your wrist size. Weighing only 1 ounce, the lightweight material makes this item feel like it’s not even there. The glove measures 11 inches high and at the centre the width is 5.25 inches.

The Hot Glove Mitt is a great choice for players who don’t want to give up playing outside in cold weather.

  • Frozen Hands Problem Solver
  • 100% Breathable Fleece
  • Lightweight