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Horizon Paddle $95

The Horizon paddle is suitable for all standards of play and is USA Pickleball approved for sanctioned tournaments. With a simplistic traditional design, it allows players to perform manoeuvres effortlessly.

The 12mm Polypropylene Honeycomb Core is supportive and durable, with explosive pop, but responsive, to allow players to dink and dropshot with ease. With a new Raw Carbon Composite Fibre surface, the paddle has plenty of grip allowing players to generate a tremendous amount of spin.

Material: Raw Carbon Composite Fibre and Polypropylene Honeycomb Core
Colour: one design as shown
Total Length: 40cm
Head Width: 20cm
Handle Length: 14cm
Grip: 11cm
Weight: 235g

  • Explosive Pop & Heaps of Spin
  • USA Pickleball Approved
  • Raw Carbon Composite Fibre